Today’s everyone use a smart phone, you cannot imagine a life without a smart phone in this generation.  But what if you lost that phone and do not know how to track a phone for free? We have come up with a solution for that. With the help of below ideas you can easily locate a phone or trace a phone location by number online.

Now a day’s it’s easy to trace a phone for free using multiple methods-

  1. Track or find a phone location using the 3rd party mobile apps
  2. You can check out the phone location using phone lookup service in a local area.

Second Method is not so popular and no one use such service so we would like to focus on 1st method.

First we will discuss about top best apps that will help you to track your phone after that we will go through deep inside how to trace a phone for free using phone lookup service.

Apps to Track a Phone for Free Online

We have list the apps based on their reviews and rating.  In USA both iphone (IOS) and android are commonly used. So we have tried to list the apps that support both.  First lets discuss top IOS app to track a phone location by number.