Let's first understand the benefits of oil-free compressor:

Ordinary screw air compressors, because the rotor is cooled and lubricated by lubricating oil during work, the compressed air contains oil, which will adhere to the valves, meters and pipes of the equipment along with the compressed air, resulting in the permanent nature of the equipment Serious damage and pollution will lead to instrument failure and even production accidents; and in the production process, the product quality will drop due to oil pollution.

100% oil-free compressed air can save you money in two ways:

First, under the condition of stable products, the production capacity has been improved;

Second, oily compressed air invades downstream equipment, increasing maintenance work and increasing the possibility of equipment downtime. Therefore, 100% oil-free compressed air can bring low usage fees, low maintenance costs, and at the same time have high product quality and increased production capacity.

Why rent an oil-free compressor?

Similarly, small particles in the air, which are invisible to the naked eye, may affect the quality of your products. Atlas Copco's precision dust filter can guarantee the stability of your products and the reliability of precision equipment. The dust removal level of filtered compressed air can reach 0.01μm.

Oil-free compressors are 100% oil-free to meet the needs of high-end users. For ordinary enterprises, the high equipment purchase and maintenance costs are prohibitive. What should I do if they need to be used? Oil-free compressor rental is a good choice. It is a good choice to avoid maintenance costs and purchase costs, so oil-free compressor leasing came into being.

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