What are the advantages of Taizhou Luxi's electric paint sprayer?

1. Extremely high coating efficiency. The spraying efficiency is as high as 500-1200 square meters per hour, which is more than 10 times that of traditional roller construction.

2. Excellent surface quality. Spray coating is smooth, bright, dense, without brush marks, rolling marks, and particles.

3. Extend the service life of the coating. High-pressure airless spray can make the paint particles penetrate into the gaps of the wall, make the paint film form a mechanical bite on the wall, enhance the adhesion of the paint, and extend the service life.

4. Easily overcome corners, voids and uneven areas that are difficult to brush

5. Save paint. The thickness of the brush coating is very uneven, generally 30-250 microns.

Airless spraying can easily obtain a coating with a thickness of 30mm, which saves 20-30% of the coating. The airless sprayer uses a special electric, pneumatic or other power to drive the high pressure pump to form a high pressure of 150 to 350Kg/cm2 for the paint and paint. It is instantly sprayed through the airless nozzle with a special shape and structure to form a very fine fan-shaped mist. The spray speed of the paint is 0.9 m/s.

All paints are sprayed quickly onto the surface of the coating without rebounding and splashing, which not only saves 40% of the paint and paint, but also has almost no paint mist. It can be sprayed on the spot without a mask, thus reducing pollution and protecting the environment The role.

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