The latest developments in the indentation process:

1. The indentation process is more widely used. Thick paper folding, invitations, tickets, greeting cards, color laser prints, thick media inkjet prints, coupons, tickets, receipts and other traditional applications are more in-depth, and at the same time in new areas such as wine boxes, advertisements, and business cards in half Widely involved.

2. Bumps and indentations tend to be completed at one time. The die-cutting and indentation process also plays a very important role in the packaging of cigarette labels, because it is directly related to the packaging quality of cigarette labels and whether it can meet the requirements of cigarette packing machines in cigarette factories. The production of a large number of packaging boxes such as cigarette labels and wine labels is often mass and repetitive production. Under the premise of ensuring product quality, the combination of concave and convex and die-cutting and indentation processes can complete the production of cigarette labels at one time, which not only saves the company’s machinery and equipment Investment can also greatly improve production efficiency.

3. Higher requirements for indentation accuracy. Some products require indentation on a large area, and the process requirements become embossing. Some products are indented after printing, and some are printed after indentation; some are indented after printing and laminating, and various methods tend to be diversified.

In short, the improvement of living standards requires the quality of our packaging cartons not only to be qualified on the technical level of hardness and compression but also to be beautiful and beautiful on the viewing level. It also requires our indentation technology to continue to surpass and serve the people. Provide more and better products.

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