EA Sports recently released some major news on June 16. Every year high expectations are given to Madden's improved graphics and updated roster. But each game also provides new features and MUT Coins , which makes it more distinctive than previous games. This year’s version will definitely bring a lot of new surprises for fans, so here are some recommended changes for Madden 21:

Superstar X factor is one of the biggest features introduced in Madden 20. They allow certain players (only 50 at any given time) to enhance their unique abilities in the game.

When the game was released in August, only three Redskins players-Ryan Kerrigan, Landon Collins and Trent Williams-had an X factor. Collins has the Enforcer ability. When hitting the rack, the tackle is not allowed to break; Kerrigan has the "attained elite" ability, which allows the defender to overcome obstacles to deal with or dismiss the ball carrier; Williams has an edge protector The function can reduce the victory rate of the charge team to the pass.

This year, the Reds have several candidates to increase the list of players with these coveted abilities. Cole Holcomb (Cole Holcomb) as rookie ranked second in the tackle game last year, so Enforcer's ability will be very suitable for his skills.

Terry McLaurin is the leader of the team and one of the best rookie seasons in franchise history. He should also have at least one X factor ability, such as RAC'em Up, This allows the catcher to achieve a higher success rate. Catch up after a single coverage. McLaughlin also strongly requested the ability of a superstar like Grab N Go, which can accelerate momentum and change direction.

Young is the third player to be selected as the Ohio State winger in the past four years, and the Madden team is the former Buckeyes Nick and Joey Bosa. Rookie season scoring. Nick Bosa scored 78 points at the release of "Blast 20" last year, while Joey Bosa was at level 84 in the world's best 17 with Ezekiel and Ezekiel. Elliott) tied for the highest in the league.

In most respects, including teammates like McLaurin, Young has the opportunity to be better than the Bosa brothers, so it is safe to say that he should be higher than both brothers. Madden score. He has not yet obtained the right to be one of the most defensive players in the game, but compared to Julius Peppers, he has undoubtedly won some special considerations.

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