Then it is possible to say something such as: Story of Brodymp3! Giving copies for free! Or for sale. ( I wonder just how OSRS gold much a zezima copy would b worth) you might also click read on your own publication to see it or some1 elses. If you would like to, then maybeeyou could even write stories of runescape which are made up! You could most likely have alote of fun for this to show your buddies. If theres not enough pages in the publication you can be able to add more. The third concerning the mix is rather like a mixture of both.

I have been looking at all the different weapons at the runescape manuel. We all know that the weapons have different speeds. This is but a little change to their attack speeds. From the manuel the rate of this weapon is shown in a bar. The bar goes from 1 to 10. 1 slowest and 10 fastest.

The rest of the weapons have to do with meambers. I don't think these numbers are right or accurate. This shows that the scimtar is at least as fast as a dagger which it isn't. Only a few of the rates have to be altered. These are the only weapons I believe that should be made a little faster. Dagger is far lighter than the usual scimitar and lighter than a sword. The sword utilizes less bars to create than a scimitar however there about precisely the same speed but scimitar is just stronger. If stronger then for balance functions the blade has to be faster. Right now its a fast as a longsword but as powerful as a sword. Something that this feeble ought to be made quicker. It can't be made more powerful because then it Buy old school runescape gold would outclass the warhammer just like how the scimitar outclasses that the longsword. These are little changes which I expect will have a big impact on how well every weapon is contrasted to eachother.