Chandrashila is a very fascinating trek experience , the famous tourist attractions for high altitude trek lovers us also called as  the Sumit of tungnath. It is above the sea level at the height of 4000m. Their are many beautiful and best view of guide that you will totally love which are Nanda Devi , kedar peak, trisul , chaukambha peak and bandar punch. Then you'll discover best side of Himalayas with the best view of forest and snow. You will find the path to move from the forest covered with snow along with the best unseen flora and fauna till you reach the destination which is at the altitude of 13000ft.  After arriving Chopta trek you'll see a picture square and this is also called as the mini Switzerland of uttarakhand. You deeply be connected to the nature and then you'll be feeling soo soothing.


Chopta is a very small tourists town which is located at 2600m and it is also the one if the last road left for the trek of chandrashila peak and tungnath temple. This is a very popular trek amoung people for vocation ab what makes it popular is its distance people from Delhi and many different parts of north comes here and it will be the most easy guide for the travellers to know even the smallest thing.


This trek also shows you the very beautiful view of snow covered mountains. It is a place where you'll see snow leopard as well as other rare species. This trek is of 7 days and you will love to experience the beauty and the stay of that trek. Their are many places to visit in the trek such as religious places. The kedarnath temple is also their which is called as the holy place. Gangotri temple as well as badrinath temple is also their.


Their are million of people who have a dream to be the part of the kedarnath yatra and worship the kedarkantha temple. But yes many people every year come their with full enthusiasm of worshipping. Not only this but in kedarkantha trek their are many things to do people see things according to their intrest that what they can do or what should they do to enjoy their fullest. Best time to visit the best trek of uttarakhand buy kedarkantha trek is in the month of March to October where weather is good and their is less chances of snowfall and raining. During that time in the year weather is also the best that you will love to see the view.


Not only one trekking route their are many different trekking routes from which you can choose one. The one route which is very popular is at the top of kedarkantha the route takes 6-7 km and is 10 hours long. The second route is the route which is near the beautiful lake which is little ahead of the campsite it takes 4-5 hrs to reach and is 8km long. Their are many small routes also which are of 6km and take 2-3 hrs to reach.


Gopeshwar road is a place where Garhwal region of Uttarakhand lie and chopta is also located here. Ukhimat is at a distance of 29 km from chopta where as haridwar is at the distance of 225 km from chopta. 2350 m is the altitude of the part where chopta is located. If you are going from Delhi toh haridwar which is 225km then you can go buy your cars also otherwise can have a bus which you can easily get from Anand vihar, ISBT and Kashmiri gate you can see which will be more convenient to you.


Himalayas it is the one of the most beautiful trek. It is also called as the valley of God. This valley is very beautiful and soo beautifully covered with flora and fauna and many beautiful different types of vegetation also. Barasu pass which is called as the main source of yamuna river and this is also connected to baspa valley. People all around the world come to visit this trek just for the experience of the spectacular views found their you'll also witness their a calm environment as well as a mesmerizing beauty full of charm.


The other reason why would you like this place will be the beautiful picturesque.

As per your budget for going Delhi to haridwar according to your budget you'll be getting many busses such as normal bus , ac bus, Volvo. To reach haridwar bus stop at 4am in the morning it is instructed that you have to take the bus from Delhi till 10-10:30pm.