The use principle of the automatic cordless paint sprayer is an automatic painting equipment that replaces the paint spray gun in the hand to disperse the paint into a mist and spray it on the wall surface. The application range of the paint spraying machine is relatively wide, mainly having the following advantages.

First, it saves paint. Generally, the thickness of the paint is not uniform enough. The automatic paint sprayer can easily overcome corners, voids and uneven parts that are difficult to paint, which saves paint. Second, the life of the coating with the paint sprayer is relatively long, because the automatic paint sprayer can make the paint particles penetrate into the gaps of the wall, and the paint film also forms a mechanical bite on the wall, which enhances the adhesion of the paint and extends the service life. Third, know that the surface of the wall painted by the paint sprayer is of good quality, and the spray coating has the advantages of smoothness, brightness, compactness, and no brush marks. Fourth, the automatic paint spraying machine can improve the efficiency of paint spraying, and the spraying efficiency is 10 times or more than that of the traditional roller construction. Fifth, the automatic electric paint sprayer can also save various inputs and costs.