PGDM / MBA is one of the most sought-after career options, offering a variety of opportunities. Over the years, the demand for PGDM graduates increased by more than 120%. There are many great career options available as the job market continues to grow.

An MBA degree opens doors to many opportunities and can propel your career in many directions. You will not only gain a competitive advantage but also enjoy greater benefits in the future. Many students consider finance, marketing, and operations to be the safest MBA specializations. But business requirements are changing with the passage of time, especially after COVID. Specializations like digital marketing and business analytics are being given more importance. Below is a list of the top MBA specializations that are in demand in 2023, post-COVID.

Human Resource Manager

An HR manager is an expert responsible for managing the HR department. An HR manager's responsibilities include hiring and interviewing new employees, creating training and development programs, encouraging open work environments, and collaborating with other departments within the organization.

An HR professional should be able to negotiate, time management, problems solving, have organizational skills, and many other areas.

For an inexperienced HR professional, the average salary is 7 lakh per year. An experienced professional earns 20 lakh annually.

Investment Banker

An investment banker is a specialist who provides financial services to investors, governments, and other organizations. An investment banker is responsible for allotting loans to businesses, managing investments, negotiating with mergers, and other responsibilities.

Other responsibilities that an investment banker must perform include preparing reports, presentations, and documents and identifying financial risks.

The average annual salary for an Indian investment banker is 9 lakh and the starting salary is 3 lakh.

Information Technology Manager

IT has gained recognition and offers many career opportunities, including that of an IT manager. An IT manager's job is to oversee the business' governance and ethics. IT managers are responsible for data analysis, which is part of their job responsibility.

An IT Manager must also manage finances, documentation, and presentation of the project.

An IT manager's average salary ranges between 4 lakh and 30 lakh.

Management Consultant

Management consultants are able to help organizations solve problems, improve business performance, increase value, and maximize growth. A management consultant's responsibilities include conducting an analysis of company figures, preparing presentations, managing the team, and interviewing employees.

Based on experience, the salary for a management consultant can vary from 9 lakh to 35 lakh.

This career is a great one. Graduates of PGDM often get better jobs and are offered higher-level posts.


Entrepreneurship is a popular choice for PGDM/MBA students. As PGDM graduates are trained to manage the business, entrepreneurs do not need experience. Entrepreneurship requires unique, creative, and relevant ideas.

The national average monthly salary for an entrepreneur as of 2022 is 38k/month

Entrepreneurs play a variety of roles, including creating jobs, forecasting business changes, improving quality of life, and building strategic partnerships.

Data Analyst

One of the most in-demand professionals in India and around the world is the Data Analyst. Data analysts are professionals who translate numbers, statistics, and other data into English to help everyone in an organization better understand the data.

A Data Analyst's job responsibilities include interpreting and analyzing business data, communicating with clients, and stakeholders, and communicating with them.

An entry-level data analyst's average salary is around 3 lakh, while an experienced data analyst earns approximately 8 lakhs.

Private Equity

Private equity firms are investment management organizations that are not listed on any stock exchanges. They make their income by charging clients fees. Private equity organizations are less than investment banks, but they have a more structured hierarchy that allows for quicker decision-making between employees and companies.

As of 2022, the average salary for an associate in private equity is 26 lakhs

Analytical modeling, fundraising, portfolio company monitoring, and reviewing CIMs (confidential information memorandums) are some of the responsibilities of a private equity professional.

There are many options available to you, so you can pick the one that interests you most. PGDM is a flexible degree that allows you to choose the right option for you and make it a profitable one.

Entrepreneurship is a popular choice for MBA/PGDM graduates. As PGDM graduates are trained to manage the business, entrepreneurs do not need experience. Entrepreneurship requires unique, creative, and relevant ideas. The national average monthly salary for an entrepreneur was 38k in 2022. Entrepreneurs play many roles, including creating jobs, forecasting business changes, improving standard-of-living, and building strategic partnerships. Entrepreneurship is a popular choice for many MBA/PGDM students. Entrepreneurship isn't the same thing anymore. Entrepreneurship requires no prior experience. PGDM graduates have been trained to manage the business and are able to develop entrepreneurial skills in due time. Entrepreneurship requires more than a PGDM or MBA degree. It also requires creativity, innovation, and the ability to be unique, appropriate, and necessary in society.

What are the different PGDM specializations available in India?

A PGDM is a popular option for business leaders and entrepreneurs. The PGDM in India as a business management degree is a flexible course that prepares you for a variety of industries. Every industry uses business practices to run. You can work in almost any industry with a PGDM diploma. These are some of the most popular business management industries:


Healthcare operations





Private companies

Career prospects and job opportunities for PGDM graduates

Most graduates find it easy to get a job in a management company after completing the PGDM program. Because of the course structure, aspirants are able to be considered professionals and have a wide range of job opportunities.

Sometimes, graduates are more educated than they realize, making them more productive. Campus interviews are another reason that it is easier to get a job.

Areas for PGDM Graduate Recruitment

Indian Post Graduate Diploma in Management graduates can find employment in both the public and private sectors depending on their skills and interests. Both have their advantages and drawbacks. These are some of the careers that a PGDM-degreed graduate could choose to pursue:

Research Organizations

Advisor or Business Consultant


Management committees

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