Trying to scout out a question-and-answer panel on who won the Andrew Benintendi trade between the New York Yankees and the Kansas City Royals is a waste of precious time. Instead, let's use logic and common sense to analyze the trade that went down Justin Jones Jersey yesterday. The Royals (T.J. Sikkema, Beck Way and Chandler Champlain), all 22 years or older with very similar pitch mixes. The Yankees had seven pitching prospects ahead of Sikkema in their top-30 rankings, nine ahead of Way, and Champlain wasn't even ranked. In short, the Yankees got to keep at least seven different pitchers more likely to have succe s in the league than the Royals' new arms in return for a top-five trade a set in baseball. In 2015, the Royals swung two huge trades to upgrade their Gabe Nabers Jersey team for a World Series push and gave up two levels of prospects in the proce s.When they traded for Johnny Cueto from the Cincinnati Reds, Kansas City shipped off Brandon Finnegan, John Lamb and Cody Reed. Finnegan may have been a top-five prospect, but it was because of what he did in the 2014 postseason and not because of the 7.07 ERA he was sporting in Omaha. The Reds gave up their ace for absolutely nothing, and that failure of a trade set them back an extra five years. Scroll to ContinueMeanwhile, the Oakland Athletics (for veteran utility man Ben Zobrist) managed to pull down Sean Manaea, the Royals' second-ranked prospect in 2015 who was actually having succe s in the minors. Why could Oakland demand that Kansas City give up its second-ranked prospect for a rental in Zobrist? Because the Royals' only option at second base was Omar Infante, who fans tried to vote to the All-Star John Hadl Jersey Game as a practical joke. If the A's could get the Royals' top pitching prospect for a veteran rental, why couldn't the Royals get the same from the Yankees?One of those teams was aggre sive in their demands and managed to get a far better prospect than the team that was just willing to take on more bulk in the hopes that one of the prospects works out. The Royals needed as close to a guaranteed starter next season as po sible and instead, they got three arms who maybe will crack the bullpen next season in September when the team is 20-plus games out of first place in the American League Central. The only real weakne s the Yankees had in their Hunter Kampmoyer Jersey lineup was their outfield depth, relying on Aaron Hicks and Joey Gallo to fill that third spot. The Royals could've gotten a top-10 prospect and should've asked for a top-five prospect but instead, they pulled the pin a week early so they could get three low-level pitchers with limited upside. This type of botch job really makes you wonder how they flipped a compensation pick in the 2022 MLB Draft to the Atlanta Braves in exchange for their top-ranked prospect. Even if you like Sikkema, who went to college at the University of Mi souri and is having an excellent season, you still can't deny that better left-hand pitching prospects were on the table. Ken Waldichuk is having as good of a season as Sikkema, only in Triple-A instead of Single-A, and Brock Selvidge is as good of a prospect as Sikkema is five years younger. The Yankees got an All-Star, and it didn't even cost them a top-15 Austin Ekeler Jersey prospect. Now that the dust has settled, this trade feels like the Royals were absolutely terrified that Juan Soto and or Shohei Ohtani was going to be traded before Benintendi and as a result, KC wouldn't get anything for him so they rushed to get a deal done for mediocre prospects.