Asbestos is a fear that homeowners have. It's a positive thing. Asbestosis can lead to chronic lung diseases. Asbestosis can cause mesothelioma and other forms of cancer. To test your home, you used to have to hire an asbestos testing company. The testing can be done yourself. People can now buy asbestos test kits. Although they are not possible for everyone, there are some ways to do them. These kits are faster than traditional methods and less expensive. This is a good place to begin. You can find more information on ordering testing kits at this link.

Where can you find asbestos?

There may be asbestos in various areas of your house. It's not as easy as it seems. You can mix different materials like asbestos and cellulose. A beautiful roof shingle can be installed outside your home. What happens if asbestos isn't available? There may be one type of asbestos cement roofing tile in stock. If the material is gray-brownish, or silvery-gold, it may appear loose insulation.


These are also important areas to be aware of:

  • Vinyl tiles
  • Popcorn ceilings
  • Wallboard
  • Pipe cement
  • Mastic
  • Some exterior cement

How do you choose the right asbestos testing tool?

Because of its high cost, many homeowners skip testing for asbestos. There are many options available, but the asbestos testing kit is often cheaper. The most popular method of testing for asbestos is two-step.

  1. You will receive an asbestos test kit once you have purchased it.
  2. The laboratory will then accept the bagged materials.
  3. You will receive the results by email.

This fee structure is applicable

Some kits require only one fee. Some kits require two fees. There are two fees for some kits. One for the lab test kit and one for laboratory results. Each kit includes an envelope for return. This is an important consideration when purchasing the best asbestos testing colorado.


Samples are required to evaluate the substance. You must wear safety goggles, gloves, and boots. A HEPA filter respirator is a good option. Filters are required for any kit that contains asbestos. It is much easier to find asbestos in friable substances (crumbly) than it is with solid substances. Before you inspect it, it is important that you only take a small amount of the substance and seal it. It should be sent. Next, collect some dust samples. Most likely, you will need at most 1 teaspoon. Dust sampling may be more costly due to the laboratory process. When choosing an asbestos test kit, consider the safety of the material you are testing.