Web development is the process of creating websites for web hosting. Web design, web content creation, client-side/server-side scripting, and network security settings are all part of the web development process.

Web development can be understood to include all actions, changes and operations required to create, maintain and manage a website to ensure its optimal functionality, speed, and user experience. It may include, but it is not required, all the necessary strategic measures to ensure that your website ranks well in search engine results. These duties are usually classified under a separate category, such as search engine optimization (SEO).

Web Concept Media is a web design company in Los Angeles that focuses on results. We have everything you need, from innovative web design to solid programming solutions. You can achieve results with the right web design company.

Your company is competing with millions of websites for Google rankings and attention. We take the design elements from your website and transform them into a powerful CMS platform like WordPress. It is easy to update and use from the back-end.


Your website will influence the impressions your visitors have of you. If they love your website, they will be a fan of your brand.


While stability, dependability and functionality might not sound exciting, they are essential to any website that is successful. Site speed, usability, and site flow all play a significant role in getting those clicks to where they are needed.


Types Of Web Development

Front-end Web Development

This type of Web Development transforms data and information into a graphical user interface using CSS, HTML or JavaScript, so users can interact with it. This is the part of the website that the user can see easily.

Your browser allows you to interact with the front-end website. It contains all the things you can interact with, including colors, text and images.

Back-end web development

It is the back-end to any web page. It is the back-end of any web page that users cannot or won't see. It is the heart of the website. Although it is not visible to the user, it is crucial for the website's operation. Developers use it to store and organize data. It ensures that all client-side and front-end components work properly.

The back-end communicates with the front end by receiving and transmitting data that is displayed on the website. When users fill out forms, or enter data, the browser sends it to the server-side. The front-end receives this data to allow the web page interpret, display and understand it.

Full Stack Web Development

Full Stack development is the development of both the front-end and pages. This includes the design of the web page as well as managing the data storage.

Our Methodology to Website Development


A customized strategy is essential for creating a unique website. Our web design in Los Angeles is unique. We will communicate with you using simple words to begin. We don't use pompous marketing lingo. No cheesy IT jokes will be allowed. We communicate using the simple, yet elegant language that reflects actual outcomes.


We start by learning about your business, its goals, competitors, and customers. Then, we can plan a website that is unique to your business and focuses on achieving goals. We will discuss your requirements and recommend the right technology and CMS platform.


Our developers will build a website for you quickly that is simple and loads in seconds. Your users should be able to manage your website. Our code expertise is tailored to meet your business requirements.


Your digital success is dependent on functional development. We are experts in the conversion stunning designs into powerful digital platforms that will improve your online presence and increase your business' bottom line.