We analyze the maintenance and cleaning of the spray gun.

1. Spray gun maintenance

It is best to use a light machine to lubricate the spray gun and parts after working every day. Due to normal wear and aging, seals, springs, needle valves and nozzles must be replaced regularly. It should be replaced according to the manufacturer's instructions. Too much oil will flow into the paint and oil passages, causing coating defects. Therefore, you must be very careful when lubricating. After the oil and paint are mixed, the quality of the coating will be reduced. Do not soak the entire spray gun in the cleaning fluid for a long time, otherwise it will harden the sealing ring and destroy the lubrication effect.

In order to obtain the best repair effect, different spray guns should be used under different coatings and conditions. It is recommended that each person be equipped with four spray guns, one for primer and intermediate coating, one for topcoat and varnish coating, one for silver powder coating, and one for small repair spray guns for on-site repairs. If these spray guns are kept in good clean and working condition, a lot of adjustment and cleaning time will be saved when replacing spray guns.

At present, some areas and units have begun to use automatic spray gun cleaning machines, combined with manual cleaning to clean spray guns, and the cleaning effect is very good. Put the spraying equipment into the large barrel of the spray gun cleaning and recycling machine, cover the lid, turn on the pneumatic pump, and rotate the cleaning liquid in the barrel to clean. In less than 1 minute, the equipment can clean all used parts. Compared with the traditional manual cleaning method, the automatic cleaning solution can save 10 minutes of paint replacement operation, and because the skin is no longer in contact with the solvent with a drying effect, the safety of the painter is increased. In the design of the system, there is a screw plug at the bottom, which can easily drain the waste liquid.

2. Cleaning of the spray gun

After using the spray gun, clean the spray gun and its accessories immediately. Maintenance and cleaning of large medals is the main reason for spray gun failure. When cleaning the suction gun, first remove the paint can and put the straw into the cup. Then loosen the air cap 2-3 turns, block the air cap with a folded cloth, and then pull the trigger. This allows the paint in the spray gun to flow back into the paint can.

It should be noted that the air pressure used is very low. When the paint tank is still installed on the spray gun, do not perform the above operations, otherwise the paint will splash out of the tank. Tighten the air cap again and put the paint in the paint can back into the original big can. Clean the inside and lid of the cup with a solvent and a thin brush) Wipe off the residue with a cloth soaked in solvent. Then pour a little clean detergent into the cup, pull the trigger, spray detergent, and clean the delivery pipe. Then remove the air cap, soak it in thinner or solvent, and clean the clogged pores with a soft brush such as a round toothbrush or a straw broom.

Remember, you must never use wire or nails to clean these small holes, because these small holes have been completed and drilled. Clean the nozzle with spray gun brush and solvent. Wipe the outside of the gun body with a cloth dipped in thinner, and be careful to wipe off all traces of paint. During the cleaning of the spray gun and other operations, a large amount of solvent will remain. If it is poured directly, it will cause waste, which is not conducive to environmental protection. The solvent recovery machine uses high-temperature distillation to recover dirty solvents to obtain clean solvents, save a lot of solvents, and protect the environment.

Note: If the spray gun is not cleaned immediately after use, the nozzle will be partially or completely blocked, causing the spray spray from the spray gun to split (spray-dried paint chips) or the spray shape is incorrect. This is especially true for enamels containing additives. Because if it is not cleaned immediately after use, the enamel will harden in the spray gun.

The above is the maintenance and cleaning process of the spray gun. Although this is a trivial matter, we must do it seriously. Only by doing the first little thing well can we do big things.

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