Granted that a lightweight folding bed isn’t designed to be used 365 nights per year, but it is a product that can offer a ton of advantages in certain situations. It is a reliable replacement for an inflatable mattress, and, for some people, it can be a life-saver in plenty of situations. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why a person would choose to invest in a portable bed, and dig deeper until we reach the impressive portable beds that are actually worth your money.

  Why Choose a Portable Bed?

  The benefits of a portable bed might not be that visible, especially when you compare them with a full-sized bed paired with a comfortable mattress. However, there are advantaged to owning such a bed, and they include:

  The Portability Factor

  This means that the bed in question is lightweight and foldable, being easier to transport it whenever needed. If you like to go camping or if you find yourself in a situation where you have to spend a few nights sleeping in someone else’s house and they don’t have a guest bed ready for you, a portable bed can get you out of this mess.

  The Price Factor

  A portable bed can often be cheaper compared to an inflatable mattress. Of course, this isn’t the universal rule, as there are many factors that come into play and that determine the price of a portable bed. However, we can tell you that portable beds are way cheaper compared to their prices a few years back, so it’s absolutely worth buying one if you think there is every a possibility you might need an extra place to sleep.

  The Space-Saving Factor

  Sure, having a guest bedroom available for when your friends or family are having sleepovers is nice, but not everyone lives in a big house and can afford setting up a room just for the guests. With a portable bed, you can literally set up a sleeping space in minutes and, whenever the bed is not in use, you can just fold it and store it away, thus saving plenty of space that would otherwise be occupied by a regular bed.

  The Additional Features

  Needless to say, portable beds have come a long way from being a frame you could fold and unfold. Today, these portable beds are equipped with a lot of features that can make the sleeper’s life easier. For instance, if you want a portable bed for camping, you can find models with waterproof constructions, lightweight frames, and storage pockets for keeping your valuable at hand.

  The Ease of Assembly

  There are no tips and trick to setting up a portable bed. It is a matter of unfolding it when you need it and folding it back when you’re ready to store it and transport it. It doesn’t require air pumps, testing your lung capacity, hammers, nails, or whatever else is usually needed to setup up different other kinds of beds. Simple as that.

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  Pros & Cons of Portable Beds

  Just like every other product on the market, portable beds come with pros and cons, and knowing what these are will help you stay informed and make sure you spend your money on a product that you actually need. In terms of advantages and drawbacks, here are the need-to-know facts about portable beds:

  Pro: They are affordable. Of course, this depends on what you compare them with. Having a portable bed for your guests is a way cheaper option compared to buying an actual bed and a suitable mattress. If you’re looking to save a few bucks and have a spot available for overnight guests to crash, portable beds are one of your most viable options, budget-wise.

  Con: They are not designed for year-round use. That means that if you’re thinking of buying a portable bed to sleep on every night for a longer period of time, you will never get the same level of comfort and support that you get from a standard bed and a good mattress. Portable beds are clearly designed as a temporary sleeping solution.

  Pro: They are good for travelling with kids. Imagine that you’re taking a family trip and, along the way, you crash in at a few motels. If you were to rent a room for adults and children, you would pay more for your child’s bed. With a portable bed, you will have a sleeping solution ready for your child without having to pay extra. Even more, there are some really cool portable beds designed especially for kids.

  Con: Not all of them allow you to sleep in a natural position. This, of course, depends on the type of portable bed in question. If we’re talking about a bed frame that can fit a mattress on top of it, then you are free to roll around into the position you like sleeping in. However, if you opt for a camping foldable bed, you can’t possibly be comfortable when trying to sleep on your stomach, for instance. The specific type of portable bed you’re looking at might have some limitations.

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