The built in wardrobe is an important storage feature in any home. Not only does it provide extra storage space, but it can also be a great way to keep your home looking neat. If you’re struggling with clutter in your built in wardrobes Sydney, these 20 organising ideas will help you get it sorted out once and for all.


1. Utilise See-Through Bins


Maximise storage space and make items easier to locate by using see-through bins in your built in wardrobe. You can store loose items like accessories, small electronics, and office supplies in them.


2. Hang Up Scarves and Belts


Gain some extra storage space by hanging scarves, belts, or ties on the back of your built in wardrobe’s door. You may also want to consider installing special hooks or racks for this purpose.


3. Organise Clothes By Type/Season


Hanging all of your clothes up is a great way to keep things neat, but it’s even better if you take the time to organise them according to type (e.g., tops vs bottoms) and season (i.e., summer vs winter). This will make it easier to find what you need when you need it.


4. Utilise Shoe Racks


Save floor space and keep your shoes organised by installing a shoe rack at the bottom of your built in wardrobe – either on the floor or hanging above it. This will also help to protect your shoes from dirt and dust.


5. Use Storage Baskets/Bins


A great way to contain clutter is through the use of storage baskets and bins inside the built in wardrobe. You can fill them up with folded clothes, towels, toys, etc., that don’t need to be hung up or stored neatly on shelves.


6. Invest In Stackable Containers


If you’re tight on space but still want to store items neatly and efficiently, stackable containers are a great option. You can find them in different sizes, colours, and materials to suit your needs.


7. Put Up a Mirror


Adding a full-length mirror inside the wardrobe will not only help you complete your outfit but also make the room look bigger by reflecting natural light.


8. Install Shelves


If you have some extra wall space, consider installing shelves for additional storage of folded clothes or other items like books or magazines.


9. Hang Hanging Rods At Different Heights


Installing hanging rods at different heights – for example, one above the other – is a great way to maximise space in your built in wardrobe while still allowing you to hang up clothes.


10. Utilise the Corners


Make use of every available space in your wardrobe by adding shelves or a hanging rod in the corners of your built in wardrobe. You can hang items that don’t take up too much room like purses, hats, and scarves here.


11. Use Hooks For Scarves And Hats


Hooks are perfect for small accessories such as scarves and hats. Install them on the sides of your built in wardrobe so they’re easily accessible but not taking up valuable storage space inside it.


12. Add Shelving On The Walls


If you have an empty wall inside your built in wardrobe, take advantage of it by putting up shelves for storing folded clothes or other items. This is a great space-saving option that will help you keep your wardrobe organised and clutter-free.


13. Hang Shirts On Hangers


Hanging shirts on hangers is an excellent way to make the most out of the space in your built in wardrobe while ensuring they stay wrinkle-free and look nice.


14. Use Baskets To Store Belts And Accessories


Keep small accessories organised and easy to find with baskets installed inside your built in wardrobe. Store things like scarves, ties, belts, and even jewellery here for easy access when needed.


15. Sort Items By Colour


For a sleek and sophisticated look, sort through your wardrobe items by colour. Hang similar coloured items together on the same rod or store them in the same drawer or basket. This will help you quickly find what you need without having to dig through an unorganised mess.


16. Utilise The Ceiling


If you’re tight on floor space, consider using the ceiling of your built in wardrobe as extra storage space. Hang up baskets, hooks, or shelves here for additional storage that won’t eat into the valuable floor area.


17. Install Drawers For Smaller Items


Drawers are perfect for items like socks, underwear, and accessories that don’t require hanging. Install drawers in the bottom of your built in wardrobe so that everything is easy to access and out of sight.


18. Label Everything


Labelling storage containers, shelves, and drawers will make it easier for you (and anyone else living in the house) to know exactly where each item should go without having to search through an unorganised space. This will also help keep your built in wardrobe looking neat all year round.


By following these tips and tricks, you can turn your built in wardrobe into an efficient storage space that is both organised and aesthetically pleasing. With the right layout, materials, and accessories, you can make sure your clothes and belongings stay neat and tidy no matter how small or large your wardrobe is.