Global Herbs Ltd has been the market specialist in natural equine and canine minerals, vitamins and supplements since 1998, more than two decades. We continuously strive to provide the very latest formulas, in order to meet the growing needs of our customers.

 We use ancient wisdom, fused with modern science, to provide a number of different administrated natural organic health options for big and small animals alike. We care deeply about the special bond between animals and humans. 

There is a large range of specifically developed mineral and vitamin feed supplements to suit horse, dog and poultry needs from nutrition to conditioners. Global Herbs remains a family-run company with the founder, veterinarian Stephen Ashdown totally involved with the operation and development of natural products, Stephen is even on hand to give his expert advice. 

Enjoy our video which captures the essence of who we are, why we are passionate about animal health, and how we use the power of nature to help maintain and condition your animal's health and quality of life. We are consistently reviewing our product journey to ensure we provide expert solutions through natural organic supplements that our customers love and appreciate. 

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