Last month, on the 19th, "Path of Exile: Harvest" was released on Xbox One and PS4, and lived up to expectations. Harvest brought a new game element to the world of Wraeclast. Players will want to assist Oshabi to explore her sacred jungle together and feel the mysterious power of the jungle. Players can cultivate wild gardens to unlock powerful hand-made options, which is a powerful feature that cannot be achieved by any expansion in the past.

Players can find and open seed caches throughout the land. These seeds will be taken to the grove, planted, encouraged to grow and when able to Harvest, will unearth powerful beasts. When these beasts are slain their Lifeforce will be extracted to enable powerful crafting or wont to Buy POE Items grow exotic crops.Free-to-play action RPG Path of Exile released a free expansion that provides some way to literally farm monsters alongside new items and changes.

The Harvest expansion introduces the “Sacred Grove,” an ancient garden that lets players grow plants which will spawn monsters to slay for rewards. Players can find these plant seeds anywhere within the world, but some seeds are rare and need more meticulous planting to yield stronger or legendary monsters.

Defeating harvested monsters rewards rewards with a crafting option and “Lifeforce,” which is important for crafting. There are even pipes, condensers, and dispersers that are necessary to assist grow the more exotic seeds.

The Harvest expansion improves the passive skill tree with revamping some mechanics, like two-handed weapons, and adding new POE Trade Currency passive abilities entirely. The expansion also adds eight new skills, two support gems, and 12 unique items alongside re-balancing 50 existing items.

The good news is that this new version is free for everyone, but some features need to be purchased, such as multiple Harvest support packages, which contain premium currency, in-game items, and digital soundtracks. The prices are separately It's $30 or $60. In addition, you can do some game tasks to earn a certain amount of POE Currency, but this process will be very time-consuming and laborious. It is recommended that you directly purchase the safe and reliable Currency directly from the MMOAH store. This is a professional store that sells game-related currencies. You do not need to worry about any transaction risks, because the store will sign an agreement with you before you place an order, mainly to protect your rights and interests.