The surface technology of steel file cabinets is generally electrostatic spraying, why use electrostatic spraying?

The so-called electrostatic spraying of the steel file cabinet is to make the atomized paint particles negatively charged in the DC high-voltage electric field, and then under the action of the electrostatic field, directionally fly to the positively charged sprayed surface and deposit a uniform and firm layer. The method of coating. Electrostatic spraying equipment is composed of spray gun, spray cup and electrostatic spraying high voltage power supply.

The reason for this is mainly to form a protective film on the surface of the steel file cabinet to achieve the effect of anti-rust and anti-static. The typical electrostatic spraying process of steel file cabinets is as follows: upper part → degreasing → cleaning → derusting → cleaning → phosphating → cleaning → passivation → powder electrostatic spraying → solidification → cooling → lower part.

The advantages of electrostatic spraying:
1. There is no or little paint mist flying into the air, so it can improve the working environment of workers. 2. The paint spraying process can be automated and the production efficiency is high.
3. Compared with other spraying methods, it can save a lot of paint.
4. The quality of the paint film is good, and the finish and adhesion of the coating are greatly improved.

Steel file cabinets processed by electrostatic spraying process are more environmentally friendly.

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