What is Binance Clone Script?

Binance Clone Script is a readymade, bug-free, and thoroughly tested source code that will be used to build a cryptocurrency exchange similar to Binance. This software is a copy of Binance, the most well-known exchange in the world. Due to its exceptional features, Binance-like cryptocurrency exchange has inspired numerous crypto enthusiasts to make investments in the space.

Hivelance's Binance Clone script incorporates many of the popular Binance exchange's features. Being a pioneer in the creation of cryptocurrency exchanges, white label enables you to create your own exchange that is uniquely tailored to you, like Binance, with a strong trading engine built in. Our faultless Binance clone is the next great thing in the exciting world of cryptocurrency.

Premium features of our Binance Clone Script:


An integrated DeFi portal to investigate the well-liked list of DeFi coins, fake money, and Defi projects, as well as their market value.


allows the trader to select the necessary assets to stake and receive incentives while navigating Locked, DeFi, and Flexible Staking.

Cryptocurrency Loans

By pledging crypto assets as collateral, traders can rapidly borrow loans with superior security and reduced interest rates.

Liquidity Swap:

Allow traders to trade with authorised tether coins and stable coins from certain DeFi projects, and provide them full access to liquidity swap.

Smart Pooling

A cutting-edge pool service that is transparent and secure allows miners to generate a steady income by mining several cryptocurrencies.

P2P Trading

Let the traders rapidly exchange BTC or other cryptocurrencies for fiat with other traders at the agreed-upon market price.

Launchpad / IEO

An open listing platform for new cryptos and tokens that have the potential to disrupt the cryptocurrency market.

Why Hivelance for develop your Binance Clone Script?

Hivelance is the top crypto exchange development company. We have a huge number of skilled developers who support clients all over the world. These programmers have a lot of experience helping companies in many industries by offering the best blockchain solutions.

The binance clone script that we provide are created in a way that will reward you with a market advantage. They will add remarkable functionality and features into the cryptocurrency trading platform they are developing. These services are readily available to you at very reasonable costs.