Docks are divided into dry docks and Floating Dock . Docks on land are generally dry docks. Our shipbuilding is generally a dry dock. A dry dock is simply understood as a large bathtub. Usually the water is drained, and the ship is repaired and built in the ship. After it is completed, the water is filled up, then the gate is opened, and the ship is towed out. Large tonnage ships For example, aircraft carriers are manufactured in dry docks, and the berths have moving mechanisms. Ships are built on them. After the ship is launched, the ship is directly pushed down. Small tonnages such as destroyer frigates are built in this way.

Then the Floating Dock is a ship that can move on the sea and can hold the ship. It is mainly used to build, salvage, and repair the ship. Compared with the dry dock, the floating dock can work even when the environment is not allowed, to ensure the ship. In normal use, Floating Dock and Dry Dock each have their own advantages, not to mention that it is better, just need a reasonable choice in the actual use process.

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