Heart or cardiac surgeries help treat heart diseases and blood vessels connected with the heart. It is performed when medicines are unable to treat the heart concern. A cardiac surgeon performs cardiac surgery to repair heart valves, treat heart failure, or replace it with a new heart.


Due to the immense rise in the incidence of cardiac disorder, the need to know their possible and effective treatments is increasing too. To address this issue, let’s discuss the common heart surgeries performed by Dr. Sujay Shad, a leading heart surgery specialist in Delhi practicing at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Continue reading to learn more about popular heart surgeries.


Coronary Bypass Surgery 


Coronary bypass or heart bypass surgery is a type of cardiac surgery that helps redirect blood around a blocked artery in the heart. The surgery uses segments of healthy blood vessels from different areas of the body and connects them above and below the blocked artery. Coronary bypass surgery does not cure blockages but eases symptoms such as chest pain or improves heart function. Dr. Sujay Shad, a renowned heart surgeon, performs the procedure through minimally invasive techniques or beating-heart techniques, depending on the patient's condition. 


Bypass surgeries have become pain-free due to better instruments, better grafts, better surgery and anesthesia methods, fewer risk factors, and more effective drugs. Blockages due to coronary artery diseases might need interventions other than coronary bypass surgery. Therefore, the treatment helps patients stay asymptomatic for ten to fifteen years.


Heart Valve Surgery 


Our heart has four valves, i.e., mitral, tricuspid, pulmonary, and aortic valves. Valves help in the proper flow of blood through the heart directly into an individual’s body. If these valves stop functioning properly, the expert heart surgeon either repairs them or replaces them with new ones. This surgery is called heart valve surgery. The surgeon can perform the procedure through either open-heart surgery or minimally invasive cardiac surgery. Dr. Sujay Shad repairs or replaces the valve depending on the patient's age, condition, and disease severity. He fixes the valve by making holes, reattaching flaps, removing extra tissue, or separating fused valve flaps. When a valve cannot be repaired, the surgeon replaces it with a mechanical or biological tissue valve. The common surgeries for heart valves performed by Dr. Sujay Shad include valve repair and valve replacement. Book a consultation with Dr. Sujay Shad today at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, heart surgery hospital in Delhi, India to learn more about heart valve surgery.


Heart Transplant Surgery 


A heart transplant replaces the diseased heart with a healthy donor heart. The surgery is performed only after exhausting other possible treatment options to repair the heart. A heart transplant surgery is performed in case of coronary artery disease, cardiomyopathy, congenital heart defects, heart valve disease, and previously failed heart transplant surgery. It is an invasive cardiac surgery that requires proper follow-up to succeed. 


Dr. Sujay Shad is also the first cardiac surgeon to successfully perform heart transplants in North India at a private hospital. 


Heart surgeries require proper care and preparation before and after the surgery for optimum results. Follow-up care at the hospital and home becomes vital in proper recovery and quick healing. 


Dr. Sujay Shad is a reputed cardiac surgeon in India who has undertaken major surgical procedures such as heart transplants, coronary bypasses, HOCM, aortic surgery, and mitral valve repairs and replacements. To know Heart Surgery Cost in Delhi, consult the expert heart surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital today!