Players who'd want to play with their own Retail World of Warcraft character should tap the Copy Character choice as opposed to making one. At that point, select the Region that the ideal character is as of now in, and basically pick them from a rundown of names. There are a few constraints to this: characters underneath level 10 can't be replicated, and the WOW Classic Gold information might be inaccurately duplicated. This can be rectified by tapping on Copy Data in the Launcher. 

Universe of Warcraft has changed much throughout the years, nearly to where present day WoW is unrecognizable from the game it was 15 years ago MMOBC.There are huge amounts of things that make Classic WoW fun and testing, yet in addition disappointing. It had its own one of a kind culture and playstyle.With that at the top of the priority list, how about we take a gander at 5 things just WoW Classic players will comprehend.