Light gauge steel structure is a new type of structure developed on the basis of ordinary steel structure, which includes all steel structures used under light roof.

Compared with ordinary steel structures, it has better economic indicators. The light gauge steel structure not only has light weight, saves the amount of steel used, and has a fast construction speed, but also has strong seismic resistance, and can improve the overall seismic performance of the entire house. It is a structure widely used in industrial plants at present.

The light gauge steel structure is composed of foundation beams, columns, purlins, floors and walls, and single-story light houses generally use portal steel frames.

The form and characteristics of the steel frame:

1. The use of light roof not only reduces the beam-column section size, but also reduces the foundation accordingly.

2. A large double-slope roof can be made into a ridge in a multi-span building, which creates conditions for long slope drainage. Setting the middle column can reduce the span of the beam, thereby reducing the cost. The middle column is made of steel tube and is hinged up and down swinging column, which takes up little space.

3. The lateral rigidity of the steel frame is guaranteed by purlins, eliminating longitudinal rigid members and reducing the flange width.

4. The steel frame can adopt variable cross-section, the cross-section is proportional to the bending moment; when changing the cross-section, the height and thickness of the web and the width of the flange can be changed according to the needs, so as to make the best use of the material.

5. The webs of the steel frame can be designed according to the effective width, that is, to allow part of the webs to be unstable, and the post-buckling strength can be used.

6. The vertical load is usually the designed control load, but when the wind load is large or the house is high, the role of the wind load should not be ignored. In the light steel roof portal steel frame, the earthquake action generally does not control.

7. The support can be made lighter. Connect it to the web directly or with a horizontal joint plate, and a round steel bar with tension can be used.

8. All structural components can be manufactured in the factory, with a high degree of industrialization. The component units can be divided according to the transportation conditions, and the units are connected with bolts on site, which is convenient and fast to install, and the amount of civil construction is small.

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