Digital electronic scales: it is an electronic scale that uses a load cell to measure the load weight and displays the weight value digitally through an electronic device. According to international recommendation R76 of international legal metrology organization (OIML), digital indicator scale is a non-automatic scale that indicates itself (a scale that can indicate itself without being operated) (a scale that needs to be operated by personnel in the weighing process). It can be divided into: weighing scale, pricing scale, counting scale, bar code printing scale, etc. Digital indicator scale has the characteristics of high accuracy, intuitive display (avoiding visual error), convenient use and rich expansion functions.

Classification of digital electronic scales (product structure/features):

1 electronic desk scale (ACS): it is an electronic scale placed on a desk, with a weighing range of less than 40kg and a small weight and a high score. Weighing unit: kilogram (kg).

2 electronic platform scale (TCS): put it on the ground for use, weighing within 30~500 kg, medium weighing and indexing. Weighing unit: kilogram (kg).

3 electronic hanging scale (OCS): use lifting equipment to weigh objects with the hooks of the scale body, the weighing range is about 0.5~20 tons, and the weighing unit is tons (t).

4 Electronic Ground Scale (SCS): Large and medium-sized electronic scales (indoor/outdoor) installed on the ground or in the ground, with a weighing range of about 0.5~200 tons.

5 Other electronic scales: belt scales, checkweigher, canned scales, explosion-proof scales, electronic scales suitable for special use environment.

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