Anjali Bhagwat, in full Anjali Vedpathak Bhagwat, (born December 5, 1969, Girgaum, India), Indian gun shooter who won the 2002 International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Champion of Champions combined-air-rifle event to become the first Indian to win this contest.

In 2002 she won four championships (in the solo and match events of both the 10-meter air-rifle and 50-meter three-position-rifle areas ) at the Commonwealth Games and silver awards as part of the Indian women's team in the ISSF World Cup and Asian Games. She became the first Indian woman to get a gold medal in the ISSF World Cup Final when she won the 10-meter-air gun occasion in 2003. Bhagwat also won a silver medal in the set 50-meter three-position event at the 2006 Commonwealth Games.

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At 1995, she competed at the SAF Games where she ripped off a gold and bronze together with the national group and an individual silver medal in Sports 3P. But, as victory require time, Anjali too needed to wait for a span to prove her knack for an international stage. Besides this, that was the time when Indian athletes didn't find many facilities such as supervisors, physiotherapists and sponsorships etc. . had to move on by their own expenditures.


Anjali too needed to go through a tough spot, but she never let her soul down. She finally gained the chance in 1999 to burst to the global scene, bagging 3 gold medals and a silver medal in the air rifle and 3P events of this Commonwealth Championship, held in Auckland. Her performance left everyone amused as she put three new records at the Championship.


After that, she personally approached Laszlo Szucsak (who had been the trainer of the Indian shooting team in that time) to refine her abilities. In a span between 2001 and 2004, Anjali ripped the ISSF Champions' Trophy from the air rifle combined event at 2002, made her move on into the finals of this World Cup of 2003 with 399/400, and added numerous feathers in her cap through her exuberance and aplomb, becoming the girl who never misses some goal.

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