In home decoration, especially for families with multiple floors, in order to get on and off the stairs, they will basically choose to install some small elevators for home use. A handy small elevator can bring us more help. China Bed Elevator Supplier Introduce what factors should be considered when purchasing a home elevator.

1. Elevator configuration

In the process of quoting small elevators for home use, you will find that their quotations are directly related to the elevator configuration. This configuration basically covers the systems covered by the three core configurations of the elevator, including the control system or the entire system. There are other traction machines for the door machine, because these parts also determine the power and intelligence level of the entire elevator.

2. Elevator specifications

The price of small elevators for home use is directly related to the elevator specifications. The associated elevator specifications can have a relatively small impact on the price of all elevators, and the entire elevator specifications are 250 kg or 320 kg and 400 kg. There are different standard specifications. This part The specifications can be set in many ways according to the existing elevator level, so it is recommended that customers choose larger sizes as much as possible when the entire space allows.

3. Number of elevator floors

The price of a small elevator for home use is directly related to the number of elevator floors, because the number of elevator floors has a great influence on the price of the entire elevator. In this case, it is equivalent to that we may add a set of hall equipment or an entire navigation. From the perspective of price It is entirely possible to add thousands of dollars in the form of opening the door.

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