How to choose a good mattress fabric when looking at the mattress? Keep the following four points in mind:

1) Soft. Try to choose pure cotton and natural materials. Sleeping directly or laying a bed sheet is very comfortable.

2) Breathable. You can simply do a test and put a cup of hot water to see the penetration. If it is completely airtight, run decisively!

3) Gram weight. The heavier the weight and the thicker the fabric, the more complex and beautiful patterns can be made, and the mattress will be of higher grade.

4) Face value. As mentioned at the beginning, mattresses with high face value are generally inferior.

The above are the few pits that may be encountered in the fabric during the process of buying mattresses by small friends. Again, the core of a mattress is the spring, followed by the filler, and then the fabric! If a mattress only uses fabric as a promotional point, the actual quality of this mattress is really worrying.

And if a mattress doesn't work well on the surface, it's not to mention springs and padding...

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