I'm free to play and I've seen noobs at all the good places to train atk. We need someplace else to RuneScape gold train somewhere the noobs cant enter. So here is my idea. Lvl 70+ may make a monster house for 25k. Each chamber u can cause 10k. U want 70+ battle to produce this house and over 1000 complete lvl to maintain noobs out.

After u kill a monster they'll fall magic orb. Subsequently in monster home in a room besides entry room u can use magical orb and that npc will be in ur house. Each room has to contain the identical npc. So room 1 could contain lessers and space 2 can comprise guards.

The guards have to be the same that meens either falador guards or varrock guards. There is also a lever to produce hazardous, safe, fun, and off mode. Dangerous meens that if u die u spawn in lumbridge and lose all but 3 finest items. However, the npcs can also drop items. Safe mode if u die u lose nothing along with the npcs lose nothing too.

In fun manner u can speak to ur npcs. And in off mode the npcs dont move in any way. Of course where is your monster house? It's either in ur wrench pub in monster home options, which enables u to chage who will enter, enter monster home and input friends monster house. Contrary to pohs in runscape if no1 is in the home except u and u die, in pohs u lose stuff that dropped when no1 is in there, but in these will have the gravestone to protect ur things for the time that they r allowed.

However, if u decided to u can earn a portal, rather than wrench choice to make ur portal from the following areas: lumby swamp, infront of draynor manor. I think this would be a great idea and it is for free 2p also. . .and no it doesnt raise construction. I would appreciate OSRS buy gold if some1 could copy and paste this onto runescape forums, and post the quick find code.