In Madden NFL 21, speed is crucial. Whether it's taking the top off the defense with a deep route, keeping up with a speedy WR, or setting the edge on run defense, speed has always been an important rating. And as user defenders slow down this year, having a fast MLB will be more important than ever. 

Offenses focus on fastball carriers, even at quarterback, so you need a speedster to combat them in the middle of the field. In this article, we are looking for the fastest middle linebackers in Madden 21.

Devin White

It's not a surprise to see Devin White here. The Bucs MLB was a go-to for players last year, and he should be a constant figure in these rankings as the season goes on. His core gold has 92 speed, along with 87 pursuit, 83 tackle, and 83 hit power. His play recognition 75 and awareness 78 a bit low, but that doesn't matter if you control him and fly around the field all game.

Deion Jones

Atlanta's Deion Jones is next. His 91 speed comes with 92 acceleration to make him a missile on the field. He is an elite coverage player, with 83 zone coverage and 75 man coverage. He also has 89 pursuit and 85 tackling. If you aren't going to constantly use the MLB but still want speed at the position, Jones is the one for you.

Devin Bush 

Another young gun, Devin Bush, is at #3 with his 90 speed. The Steelers' man also has 92 acceleration, and awareness 80 and play recognition 77, making him the ideal user player. Bush's coverage is a little shakier, with 69 zone and 62 man, but he makes up for that with 84 pursuit, 83 tackle, and a massive 88 hit power.

Noah Dawkins

In Madden 21, Noah Dawkins becomes a star thanks to his 90 speed and 90 acceleration. He has 77 tackling and 80 pursuit, along with 58 zone and 52 man coverage. As you would expect from someone with such low OVR, Dawkins doesn't do a lot well. But if you want to start with a different team and trade for a fast MLB, you can get Dawkins for basically nothing.

Roquan Smith 

A first-round pick in 2018, Roquan Smith is about to take over at the MLB position. With 89 speed and 91 acceleration, he is amazingly fast. He's also got 86 tackling, 87 pursuit, and 78 zone coverage. Roquan also has 70 power moves to make him an impactful Blitzer too. Simply put, Smith is too fast to scheme against.

These are the fastest middle linebackers in Madden 21; they also have good acceleration and ideally a nice agility stat too. If your team has not been set up yet, you may refer to this article to select the right players. Of course, if you lack coins to buy player cards, you can click here to buy them. It's cheap, safe and fast. With these cheap madden NFL 21 coins, you to immediately get any player that intrigues you in the game.