There are various types of faucets on the market, such as tall and short, round and square, brass, stainless steel, induction manual...not to mention the material and function, the shape alone will make you dazzled. The dazzling array of faucet products, how can you do it? How about buying a faucet suitable for your own use? In fact, as the saying goes: "The right one is good", it is recommended that when purchasing a faucet, you may wish to consider the use space of the faucet, the water outlet method, the cooling and heating control and the details of the accessories. Consider these aspects.

From the kitchen to the bathroom, the faucet will have different functions and designs according to the characteristics of space use. It is recommended that the family should have several different faucets such as kitchen, basin, bathtub, shower, washing machine faucet, etc.

1. Kitchen: basin faucet

The kitchen faucet is installed in the sink to wash vegetables and dishes, and it needs to have a long water pipe and a high water outlet; and the faucet used for washing face, hands and cleansing skin is generally installed on the basin, which is suitable for a short and low water outlet, if it is a table On the upper basin, a curved faucet will have a better effect than a straight-flush faucet.

2. bathtub: shower faucet

Both of them pay more attention to the texture of water spray. When selecting the two types of products, attention should be paid to the difference in the installation structure of the design. The bathtub faucet is generally installed on the side of the tank, and the shower faucet is installed in the shower area, which can be hose or embedded in the wall.

3. Washing machine: Mop pool faucet

is a relatively concealed and inconspicuous type of household faucet. It does not require too much appearance. The function mainly focuses on its water-saving effect. Generally, a cold (water) type product is sufficient for use.

Straight out the water, pull out the water, obliquely spray out the water, rotate the water out...With the progress of the production technology of the faucet, its water outlet methods are also more and more diverse, in addition to the beauty and personality, it also considers more use needs.

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