There is going to come a day where something must give and they'll have to add something like a new skill, or"tier 80" things, or a new training way of your favorite 99 you already have that might be 7% quicker than it was when you did it. If we never let any of that stuff into RuneScape, it's just going to bleed RuneScape gold players out and die down the street. A post was about item sinks the other evening, and that I had been downvoted for saying if we allow it to be that death is the best item sink. Letting people to loot each others'stuff is open to abuse, however, passing should be more punishing than it is.

As for abilities, I believe that Jagex has yet to suggest a new ability that would be really novel. Warding is grindy, sailing is just dungeoneering (but it could be a fantastic raids 3), and artisan inherits all of slayer's problems. A ability seems more like a marketing move; critically, what sort of activity is so different from the content that it justifies its skill? I agree on everything though. Power creep is a concern, but the alternative is stagnation. RuneScape should get much better things and training methods over time, and bosses that are more powerful should be meant by that, and so on.

The one I can't see where you're coming from, although I agree on the first stage. No upgrades? Did you play back in 2013 or in real 2007 when OSRS premiered? RuneScape is just nothing like the first version. Weapons/gear? Let me just name a couple things: twisted bow, blowpipe, scythe of vitur, rapier/saeldor/inq mace, justiciar set, kodai wand, harmonised staff... These things are up to enjoy 20-30% greater than their original predecessors. The majority of them ought to be grade 90. Just how much more do you need, really? For training methods, pretty much all abilities have had some updates that have changed their coaching methods that were favored. So again, I wholly agree with your initial point, however, you need to rethink the other one IMO.

One that is on my head from earlier is the Menu Entry Swapper attribute on third party clients actually should not be allowed. It is definitely nice to have at time, but it is defiantly questionable and pushes the line around as much as banned plugins when you think about players can customize their own stuff and exactly what it does. Anything which is coming to mind right now probably would not be unpopular. Like the remainder of the year seems somewhat dry for and I don't think saying that 2020 was lackluster for content upgrades is that out there using a statement.

Places id say buy 2107 runescape gold is really questionable is option on bones. They banned MES. Its one option and one choice only. And shift can be changed. Personally I need them to add this customisation to RuneScape itself, but its a bit"janky" to setup and would feel weird officially. They added that was a matter from similar plugins and MES. Shift dropping, alter pouches, bank X / All options. All to mitigate the fact that the first UI was worked around with AHK and Mousekeys and was designed. Because it removes the requirement to Mousekeys to do things 16, I enjoy MES. Which should not have been RuneScape was, but its exactly what it made to. Bank options, shift dropping, MES and some other items have totally removed the requirement to utilize Mousekeys to perform with RuneScape at the maximum degree.