If you are a veteran player of the World of Warcraft classic, then you must know the black dragon flying brood mother Onyxia (Onyxia), as long as you hear this name, you will have the kind of fear of being buried for a long time. To defeat him requires a very precise play, spend a lot of time exploring, it is best to sneak into his lair. But Azeroth's scariest dragon seems to have lost contact. A team of 40 adventurous players from the World of Warcraft classic explored how to make Onyxia fall earlier this week.

As reported by the oldsters over at PC Gamer, the naked act of lizard matricide passed earlier this month on the ecu Zandalar Tribe server. Players allegedly came from a smattering of guilds, to strip off and determine just the way to Buy WOW Classic Gold take down one in every world of Warcraft's most notorious bosses.

It's not that Onyxia isn't numerically less intimidating than before, mind. From a stats perspective, she should be even as tough a fight as she was 16 years ago. Instead, fan repository Wowhead revealed that a decent deal of theorycrafting went into the fight. For a start, the raid consisted of a hell of a lotta frost mages. Casters aren't nearly as laid low with losing their weapons as melee fighters, the thinking goes – and it helps for a later phase that seems Onyxia turn tail.

A few melee fighters (mostly Paladins) jump in to supply buffs, with one poor naked sod tasked with tanking the Dragon's aggression without their usual suit of plate. There's a staggering precision to the way buffs are distributed, potions consumed, and spells paced resolute make sure that nobody unintentionally nicks aggro off the most tank – though there's an awfully narrow escape ahead of time within the fight.

It's been a protracted time since Onyxia was a threatening presence in WoW proper. Hell, I've even popped in to bop her with a fireball on my grossly overlevelled main once or twice. But if WoW Classic gave the Classic WOW Gold impression that she might all over again bring fear to adventurer's hearts, it's been heartily crushed by a nudist murder brigade.This is really exciting. Players only feel that World of Warcraft Classic is more challenging if they have a sense of fear. Generally, players do tasks in the game to get WOW Classic Gold, but these tasks are often very complicated and difficult. Yes, so many players will choose to buy WOW Classic Gold directly at a low price in the MMOWTS store.

What should we do next? Now,will our naked heroes brave Blackwing Lair to assassinate Nefarian nakedly? Will Blizzard finally give World of Warcraft classic players a complete new world? Will it make them go forward?