Learn how the call center in the cloud can be beneficial for small and medium businesses

You may not think so, but every company, even small and medium-sized, needs a call center system to serve its customers with quality and conduct sales and prospecting.

The good news is that, today, a large structure is no longer necessary to house a call center. With the technology of the virtual PBX, it became much easier to implement a central connection system connected to the internet.

Here are five Unmissable advantages of hiring a virtual PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) for your company:

Call management

Through a virtual phone system it is possible to manage and control the calls made with numerous resources such as: recording of calls, scheduling, call waiting, call pickup, transfers, among others. With so many possibilities, managers can observe the frequency of calls and devise better and more efficient strategies for operators to increase productivity.

Integration between headquarters and branches

Companies that have branches can count on a special feature of the virtual PBX: the transfer of calls between units anywhere in the world. As the connection is made through the internet, there is no extra cost for distance or obstacles for communication.

Low investment cost

Hiring a virtual PBX service is inexpensive as it does not require investment in hardware or installation. It also does not need personnel training, thanks to its simple interface, nor maintenance. To work with a virtual call center all the professional needs is a phone and a computer connected to the web. It is through the software that the employee has access to the customer information database and is able to resolve all pending issues.

Spy Real Time Supervision

A very interesting feature of the virtual PBX is the Spy mode, or spy, in Portuguese. With it you can monitor calls anonymously from a phone. Virtual phone numbers in marietta is the right company.

All these features and even more you will find when hiring the virtual phone number free. Get to know our plans and hire the one that best suits your reality. Check it out on the website.


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