Path of Exile (Path of Exile) emerged a few years ago in online games and is popular because of its complex game system and an enormous amount of free game content. In the few years after the release of “Path of Exile”, Grinding Gear Games has released many free updates and content expansions, and is preparing to release the biggest “update” to date.

Path of Exile is not an ugly game. However, this 7-year-old game can still achieve some necessary visual upgrades. The animation and character models used throughout the game will be redesigned to reflect the 2021 system, and the engine will also be improved. Powerful high-end PC and graphic optimization options. Improving these engines will make the game more stable and playable.

The skill gem system in “Path of Exile” is a unique system. Place skill gems on weapons with slot types and then connect them with POE Currency to create new attributes or combo skills. In “Path of Exile 2,” the skill gem system is undergoing a major upgrade. Previously, other gems were placed in the gear groove. But now they are placed directly in the changed skill gems. This provides players with more swing space without sacrificing the depth of the well-known skill gem system in the game.

The expanded “Path of Exile: Rise” introduces a feature to buy Exalted Orb so that it can branch each profession into other terminal game profession options. Duelists can become gladiators or killers, and witches can become occultists or necromancers. These ascending categories increase the breadth required for the game style of each category, and “Path of Exile 2” will add even more. The team announced it will add 19 new ascending classes to “Path of Exile 2”. You can choose three for each class, except for Scion, which has only one option-the new Ascendancy option is likely to reflect this distribution in each class.