Nowadays, many people have walked out of the prosperous city and placed themselves in it, which makes people feel a kind of primitive return to nature. In recent years, people's understanding of water wooden houses has gradually deepened. Although wood structure buildings are not as common in China as they are in North America, Europe, and Japan, wood structure buildings in China have developed rapidly. From wood villas in real estate development to the market’s popularity, to wood structure landscapes in tourist attractions and recreational clubs. People's pursuit of wooden construction has never stopped. Just as some people in the industry have said: China's wood structure market is only waiting for the change of people's ideas.

Floating houses are mainly made of floating Float Pontoon , steel knotted stress parts, anti-corrosion wood boards and other materials! It is suitable for inland lakes, reservoirs and river basins with steady water flow. Especially suitable for scenic spots, resorts and other scenic spots with better landscape conditions.

On the other hand, the use of floating houses in tourist attractions and leisure and entertainment clubs is also very objective. The chic holiday cabins and natural and simple wooden landscapes form a natural scenery of its own.

Of course, in addition to the wooden structure floating houses, the steel structure floating houses and the tempered glass transparent floating houses also make people feel close to nature.

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