Learn hacks to jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick and unlock free movies, TV shows, news, and even live sports broadcasts online. The following methods work to quickly and easily download free apps on any popular streaming device from Amazon, including Firestick 4K and Fire TV Cube.

Watch new cinema films free and live TV show series including news networks, IPTV channels, sports events, and much more with one simple system settings hack followed by a quick app install or two once the device is unlocked.

I suggest installing a few free apps on your Firestick to stream video. This step will ensure the most reliable access to video streams you want to watch on your big TV screen.

Proceed with caution…

Anonymously Watch New Movies, Live TV and Sports


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Why is VPN Important?

If unsure what a VPN is, how it works, or why you really should use one, save yourself a lot of trouble and learn more about them.

Want to Know How to Jailbreak a Firestick?

The methods used for jailbreaking Firesticks don’t require tricky hacking methods at all. We’ve already mentioned that the jailbroken Firestick hack is a misnomer, right?


When learning to watch cheap channels on your big screen, you find the first “hack” is simply to enable apps from unknown sources in the device’s system settings. This unlocks any FireOS or Android device to download with the possibility of installing third-party free streaming apps.

While this first step is effortless, the rest of the hacking process can become quite complex, depending on what you want to watch or play with your media center.

The following step by step guide teaches many ways to get the most out of your Firestick after this initial “jailbreak” hack.

The Fire Stick jailbreaking apps described below, along with many hacking methods to make an unlocked Fire Stick, will change the way you access all the entertainment media channels available for free online in April 2021.

This is especially true for most of the free videos you find available online with these easy techniques. Learn how to jailbreak Fire devices by installing Kodi, Mobdro, Show Box, FreeFlix HQ, CatMouse, or one of many more. Once done, you can access all the free streaming videos you want to watch with or without Alexa voice commands.

Just make sure you are aware of any laws in your region concerning unauthorized access to copyright-protected works.

Basic Three Step Hack to Jailbreak Firestick Unlocked

  1. Install the Surfshark VPN Firestick App to secure your privacy and anonymity, activate it, and connect to an encrypted server.
  2. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources and turn off Amazon usage tracking.
  3. Install free movies, TV, and live sports streaming apps.

Please Note: That last step can involve installing helper software to allow the download of third-party applications not available in the Amazon App Store. This hack is sometimes called side-loading apps onto the Firestick or Fire TV and is the most popular way to jailbreak TV sticks. The helper apps described below are freely available in the Amazon App Store .

The methods provided here for watching free online flicks and more also work great on the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K  released on October 31, 2018. With faster, more reliable WiFi than its predecessors and far superior image quality, you may never want to leave the couch again; Alexa, get me a drink!

Fire TV Stick Jailbreaking Helper Apps

A few of the helpers that unlock Amazon streaming devices to watch free videos online are discussed below. Much of the software used to stream is also discussed. Note that we also keep a fully updated list of working apps for streaming on Firestick here on the site with step by step instructions.

To best approach the ultimate Firestick hack, we first introduce you to a few Android utilities to download and install streaming apps. We show how to use Android APKs to help free up your TV box, including FileLinked (previously named DroidAdmin), Downloader App, ES File Explorer, and Apps2Fire.

This unlocking hack simply makes a jailbroken Fire Stick to stream new films, free live TV shows, and even sports and PPV events from IPTV services from all over the world.

Jailbreaking Amazon Firesticks

The information below is very in-depth for those wanting all the ins-and-outs about how to hack Amazon streaming sticks. You may want to jump right in with our easy to follow Kodi jailbreak 2021 article for a very flexible step by step Firestick jailbroken Kodi APK install.

How to Jailbreak Amazon Firestick 2021

Amazon made the Firestick far simpler than most online video stream devices to use. This great device is just barely bigger than a USB thumb drive but packs a fantastic media center inside.

This tutorial teaches a great hacking method and some tips and tricks while helping you learn how to jailbreak a Fire TV Stick. There are actually a lot more free movie streaming apps available, but many people insist on calling it a Kodi jailbreak anyway.

We also share information on some of the best unlocked Firestick APK file installations available as a first step once your Fire TV Stick is freed up. The tips following the methods about how to jailbreak Firestick TV boxes help to avoid buffering and security issues.

Hacking the Amazon Firestick has become synonymous with cord-cutting  but has also drawn the interest of corporate marketers, law enforcement, and other hackers. When you jailbreak a Firestick, it gives you access to uses Amazon may not have intended.

Don’t let the fear of bricking your Firestick device by hacking it stop you from taking the first step. To keep your device and yourself safest, just make sure you’re protected with a VPN before accessing free shows once you jailbreak a Firestick. Not all streaming videos found by many of the apps and their additions are legally distributed.

Also, be sure you are aware of any applicable local laws pertaining to digital media rights.

Unlock Amazon Fire TV Stick Methods

When the free applications mentioned below don’t provide enough Firestick channels, check our constantly updated list of streaming Firestick jailbreak apps. I’d suggest that list to anyone wanting to watch working channels on their TV (or even on an Android smartphone, Mac, or Windows PC with Android emulator software).

Best Way to Jailbreak Firestick 4K

The new Amazon Firestick 4K  was first released for purchase on Halloween 2018. Jailbreaking hacks described below will work great for unlimited channels of films, TV shows, and sports on this new 4K Fire Stick. This makes for the ultimate hack with an updated WiFi range and many other improvements over previous generations.

What is a Jailbroken Firestick?

A jailbroken Firestick TV is a hacked Amazon device the size of a thumb drive. This beauty is well known as the best device to hack for watching free movies, TV shows, and even PPV sports.

These plug into an available HDMI port on any regular HDMI enabled TV, allowing you to download, install, and use apps not available in the Amazon App Store once unlocked. This is not a difficult process, and once completed, downloading and installing nearly any Android app you want becomes possible.

Once jailbroken, a Firestick allows access to the latest free cinema release, TV shows, live sports events, and much more. We provide a list of apps to access all the free streaming online videos you can handle. Many are one-click or voice command to play.

No Need to Buy Jailbroken Fire TV Sticks

While you can purchase a jailbroken device online, it is highly advisable to do this easy process yourself. This is a straightforward process that only takes a few minutes. There is no reason to spend a premium price for someone else to do it.

When you jailbreak your Firestick, you have peace of mind knowing there is no malware or spyware installed. You are able to pick your own Virtual Private Network service and streaming media software, then safely and securely enjoy all the online video and music you want without worry.

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