Baseball players find the game more enjoyable once they get the best baseball mounds. AllStar Mounds has been making the best baseball mounds to make the game more enjoyable. 


AllStar Mounds offers the best quality Baseball Pitching Mound made of fiberglass and composite materials. Their baseball mounds do not come with wood or Styrofoam. The company’s product developer has designed the backside of the mound as smooth as possible for easy movement with no splintering of the edges. 


The experts at AllStar Mounds have made the edges of the mounds perfectly tapered. Hence, pitchers do not twist their ankles while stepping on or off of the mounds. Moreover, this prevents baseballs from extra unexpected bounces if they hit on one of the edges. The edges of the mounds fit tight to the ground which prevents unwanted movement of the mounds during the game. 


Types of mounds available from AllStar Mounds:

You should note that Allstar Mounds has developed a wide array of Baseball Mounds. Let us list the various types of pitching mounds available:

  • Beginner Pitching Mound - These mounds are perfect for young players. Experts have designed these mounds durable to make them suitable for practice. These mounds are available at $325. The dimension of the beginner mound is 47" W x 61" L x 4" tall. 
  • Practice Pitching Mounds - These mounds are perfect for league players between 8 to 12 years. These mounds are light but very strong for leagues. The price of this mound is $849. The dimension of this mound is 53" W x 75" L x 6" tall. 
  • Bullpen Pitching Mound - Players more than 12 years of age can use these pitching mounds. These mounds are perfect for practice and warm-up. These mounds are available at a dimension of 66" W x 101" L x8" tall. These mounds cost $1399.
  • Pony League Pitching Mound - Players between the ages of thirteen to fifteen can use these moundsThe edges of these mounds are thin, hence protecting a player from a skid. The company has fixed the price of this product to $ 2349. The dimension of this mound is 90" W x 119" L x 8" tall. 
  • Senior League Pitching Mounds - AllStar Mounds has designed the perfect Portable Baseball Mound for seniors to play a game. Players who are sixteen years or more can use these mounds. These mounds come with a dimension of 9' W x 12' L x 10" tall. The price of this mound is $3599. 


Allstar Mounds has emerged as a reliable name in designing top quality pitching mounds for baseball. The company has gained acclaim all over the world!