When we bind or lock two objects, we usually use rope, but sometimes the rope is inconvenient to use, and the over center buckle can play an auxiliary role.

An over-center buckle is an object used to fasten two objects. The over-center buckle generally refers to the button fastener installed on the door and window to lock the door, window, or object. It is generally composed of a movable part and a fixed part. The door, window, or object can be closed and opened through the combination and separation of the movable part and the fixed part.

The installation procedure of the over-center buckle is simple, easy to use, safe, firm, anti-vibration, strong tightness, and can be repeatedly closed and opened numerous times. There are many types of the over-center buckle, and its uses are also more extensive.

Of course, we can also choose cam buckle straps with hooks , the use of this tool will be more convenient and faster.