When selecting villagers in the Animal Crossing game, players have a few choices. The data comes from feedback from 393 villagers. There are many choices in the data, each with its personality and preferences. However, not every villager in Animal Crossing can be as popular as Raymond.

Clyde is the least popular in Animal Crossing New Horizons. The ACBellsBuy store will not affect the service of selling players Buy Nook Miles Tickets for this reason. The preferences of the villagers are different. There are many New Horizons villagers. Because of their ordinariness, many villagers don't know their existence until they meet them on the mysterious island during the adventure.

According to data provided by the Blue Planet Aquarium, Clyde was the least popular villager for Animal Crossing in October 2020. The main reason is Clyde's poor personality and poor complexion. Clyde is also a lazy personality type. He has a gluttony habit and prefers eating instead of activities. When she talks with the villagers every day, it makes her a little bored and can perform on the player's island.

Clyde is undoubtedly a radical green-yellow shade, wearing a pink and blue plaid shirt, which is in serious conflict with his skin tone. To better experience the game life, players will choose Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets instead of causing conflicts. His eyes can't be opened, and when the player establishes contact with him, his expression becomes sluggish. Clyde is undoubtedly many players who choose to avoid their troubles on the island.

Despite Clyde's lack of popularity in various online polls, it seems that once this horse joins his town, it will be the same for players, as outlined by players on Reddit. His suspicious conversations and socially inappropriate comments may cause interesting interactions. But found out that he would laugh for those lucky enough to place him.