The optical metrology market will show positive growth in the coming years.  The expansion of the market is attributed to the increasing demand for precise tools and equipment for measuring for inspecting electronic chips in semiconductor manufacturing. The market is segmented into video measuring machines, optical/laser scanners, and optical/laser scanners because of the increasing demand for non-contact measurement for inspecting various aerospace and automotive manufactured parts.

North America was the largest market, contributing over 30% in the past. This is credited to the growing automotive sector in the U.S., snowballing exports of aerospace products from the U.S., and growing spending by the country of the government on the military and defense sector.

There is another tendency noted in the optical metrology market, and that is the espousal of laser scanners by the industries. There is a huge demand for the inspection of intricate and structured objects in the manufacturing sector. 3D laser scanners are used for identifying cracks or holes in factory-made objects and are used to measure the depth and dimensions of multifaceted objects.  They are also used at heritage sites to measure historical structures for drawings and restoration. 3D laser scanners are also used for crime scene investigation helping provide records of the entire scheme of things.

The demand for optical meteorology devices is because of the need for precise measuring tools and apparatus for the inspection of electronic chips in the industry of semiconductors.