The spray gun is an indispensable key efficiency equipment in the coating process. With the application of spray gun manufacturing technology and new materials, modern spray guns are developing in the direction of high efficiency, durability and fine atomization. The spray gun mechanism is becoming more and more scientific and atomized. As it becomes more and more refined, the transfer efficiency of coatings becomes higher and higher.

Although there are many types of spray guns, they are roughly the same in structure, and generally have three parts: a gun head, an adjusting knob and a gun body. Among them, the gun head basically consists of three parts: thimble, nozzle and air cap; in terms of adjustment knobs, there are usually three adjustment knobs: paint adjustment knob, air pressure adjustment knob and sector adjustment knob. The individual differences are only in the position of the knob on the gun body. That's it; the gun body is basically the same.

The structure of the spray gun is simple and easy to use, but it needs to be used correctly. There are many factors that affect the use of spray guns, such as the object to be painted, the coating material, and even the season. The key to the spray gun use method is mainly: the control of the adjustment knob, the control of the spraying distance and the moving speed of the spray gun, as well as the overlap of adjacent coatings. Among them, the spraying distance, spray gun operation mode and spray pattern overlap are the three aspects of spraying. Principles, which are also the basis of spraying technology, must be known and strictly followed.

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