The showcase shows several areas of the Vastiri Desert, as well as a huge new station wagon, which guides players between the different areas of their choice. However, the most conspicuous thing in the showcase is the spears and crossbows in Path of Exile 2. Both weapon types have inherent skills specific to that weapon type. For example, the spear shown in the showcase provides the player with a whirling slashing ability, which creates a storm near the player.

Leaving the storm will cause it to explode in a certain area, which is another inherent ability of the spear to make it easier. Its escape skills make the player fly backwards and throw swords at the enemy. Crossbows are also unique and can replace with distinct elements or armor piercing bolts according to combat requirements. Wilson told the media that the studio is not sure which old weapon types (if any) will have similar inherent POE Currency.

The studio also displayed new mini bosses, which will more emphasize in Path of Exile 2. The animation effect has also improved. The enemy’s backpack also has more unique AIs in the sequel, with monster groups patrolling specific areas such as soldiers. It means that whether it is the original Path of Exile or Path of Exile 2, players can run them in the same client. And they can also use all old roles and accounts, including microtransactions. Both Path of Exile 2 and POE will merge into a shared endgame after the exercise.

GGG considers that they want to ensure that Path of Exile 2 can proceed smoothly. All future constructions or leagues are already under construction. It also brings a lot of confidence for players to look forward to more fun content. They also need to Buy POE Currency to strive for those great honors and achievements. Let’s fight! Warriors in exile.