How to choose a Cheap Basin Faucets?

First, determine the style of basin you use.

According to the installation position and opening of the faucet, it can be divided into wall type and broken type, single hole and double hole, single cooling and heating and cooling. The product is mainly suitable for devices that do not have hot water sources such as public places.

The selection of a washbasin faucet has a lot to do with the washbasin. At that time, the washbasins on the city roads mainly had on-stage, Taichung, and off-stage methods. According to the different openings, they were also divided into single-hole, double-hole and three-hole. Before purchasing a faucet, be sure that the faucet can be installed on your basin.

According to the difference of the water outlet, there are pens to protrude water, skewed water outlet, rotating water outlet, drawable water outlet, wide mouth water outlet, etc.

Second, it is advisable to purchase washbasin faucets made of all copper materials.

It is recommended to use all-copper washbasin faucets as much as possible. Now the skills of all-brass faucets have been very capable, occupying most of the market. The real copper faucet handle, decoration nut, change valve, wall cover, connecting nut and eccentric joint, spout shell and other parts are made of brass. After electroplating, it is not only handsome and heavy, pink, but also durable. When purchasing, it is necessary to ask in detail whether it is a real all-copper faucet or just the main body is made of all-copper. In most cases, it can be distinguished whether it is an all-bronze faucet through the amount of fire and movement. The all-bronze faucet is generally heavier, and the sound is dull and low when hit.

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