Transfer printing refers to a pad printing technology using knitted textiles as a carrier, which can be divided into wet method, dry method, steam method, vacuum method, thermal method and other forms. Let's take a look at the characteristics of transfer printing fabrics.

Characteristics of transfer printing fabrics:

(1) The transfer printing fabric pattern has the characteristics of lifelike pattern, rich and clear layers, meticulous pattern, high artistic quality, and strong three-dimensional effect.

(2) There is no environmental pollution problem in transfer printing fabrics. Due to dry processing, no washing, steaming, drying and other processes are required, so no waste gas and waste water are discharged, and the fabric itself is very environmentally friendly and healthy.

(3) The dye of the transfer printing fabric is fully sublimated and fixed on the fiber below 210℃, and can obtain good washing fastness and ironing fastness.

(4) The dye of transfer printing fabric has bright and bright color.

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