We provide the best metal key box for home or office use. We specialize in many different types of key security solutions, from small key safes designed for outdoor use (only suitable for storing two or three keys) to large commercial key cabinets capable of storing more than 2,000 keys.

  Our product range is wide, including high-security key cabinets, which are designed and manufactured in the same way as safes and include insurance certification. We also provide glass door key cabinets, you can immediately check the location of a specific key and the user's confirmation information.

  Our most popular product range is keychains, including our vehicle and property rental key cabinets, which have a deeper depth and can easily store a bunch of keys, including car keys with large keychains.

  You can rest assured to choose more than 100 different key cabinets or wall-mounted metal shelf for sale, you can find the ideal key cabinet at the best price from here. Our full set of online key security products includes free continental delivery in the UK.