• It is a key feature of white-label NFT marketplaces

  • Active game developers can create cross-chain NFTs, ensuring compatibility across different blockchain networks.

  • Players experience enhanced flexibility, as their NFTs can be used in various games and virtual worlds that support the same standards.

  • Interoperability could allow for seamless asset transfers between platforms, opening up new opportunities for players to explore diverse gaming ecosystems.

Allows For Cross-Platform Compatibility


  • A white-label marketplace can be created to offer user experience on different devices, including PCs, mobile devices, and even virtual reality (VR).

  • No matter what platform they are using, players may easily access the market and engage with it.

  • Because they provide a consistent user interface and feature set, white-label markets let users interact with the market from their favorite gaming platform.

  • Players can own and sell NFTs that stand in for in-game assets via a white-label NFT marketplace, regardless of their platform.

  • This implies that an NFT acquired on one platform can be used, traded, or sold without any issues on another platform.

  • For instance, a player who purchases a rare skin in a game on their mobile device can later transfer and use that skin in the same game on their PC or console, made possible by the marketplace's cross-platform compatibility.