A WOW YouTuber named Durendil discovered the Slime Serpent mount by accident, which is the latest discovery of a secret item in the game.
In fact, players only need to complete a specific WOW Classic Gold dungeon solo to unlock the mount. If you want to get a slime snake, you only need to kill the last two Plaugefall bosses on Heroic or Mythical difficulty.

Soloing Plaguefall
The first two leaders of the dungeon can be skipped directly. However, if the player wants to obtain the mount, they also need to kill the last two leaders of Plague Plague on Heroic or Mythical difficulty, Domina Venomulad and Margaret Stradamar alone.

At a critical juncture, if the player has a career with stealth capabilities, such as Rogue, Hunter, and Mage, the player can easily slip past Globgrog and Doctor Ickus. But if there is no such profession, the player can also be invisible for 18 seconds by using the invisibility potion, and this potion can be used by all professions.

After the player has passed the original trash mobs and the first two bosses of the dungeon, they must defeat the two relatively difficult bosses Domina Venomblade and Margrave Stradama to have a chance to get the mount. Although Domina is particularly difficult to deal with, the battle is still controllable. As long as the player can summon her brooding assassin before Domina is overwhelmed, it is possible to win.

When fighting Margrave Stradama, one of Margrave's tentacles may cause enough damage to take you away, so players must first make sure that they escape the plague. At the same time, using Priest or Paladin, a course with the ability to clear diseases, can also easily deal with her Infectious Rain.

Obtaining the Slime Serpent
After the player successfully defeated the two leaders Domina Venomblade and Margrave Stradama, they need to return to the place where Domina Venomblade was killed. At this time, the player needs to find a curious slime snake on the left side of the room. In order to get this mount and add it to the collection, you need to click on the snake to "pet" it, and then wait a moment. By the way, for players who are playing WOW Classic, Cheap WOW Classic Gold is very important. MMOWTS is currently holding promotional activities, you can buy a cheaper WOW Classic Gold, no need to wait!