How to clean the air conditioner, the air conditioner works by sucking in air through the Condenser coil to cool it, and then blowing it back into the room. If the air conditioner filter is clean, it will greatly improve the effect of the air conditioner. Otherwise, it will affect the cooling and heating effect and increase energy costs. Therefore, please be sure to clean the filter of the window device at least once a month. Almost all air conditioning filters are washable.

Simply pull the filter out (but be careful not to damage the delicate aluminum vent behind it) and rinse in the sink or bathtub. Then use a small amount of dishwashing liquid and scrub with a soft brush to get any additional dust or dirt. Finally, once the filter is dry, run a vacuum cleaner hose or dust breaker on it to catch any extra dust. When the filter is clean and dry, just snap it back into the device.

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