The huge July update is here, which means that that Animal Crossing: New Horizons swimming is now a thing in the game. It's making a return from the experiences some of ACNH NMT us had with Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which will no question be fond - or less than fond - reminiscences for a few players. 

If you're whatever like me, you essentially by no means definitely close down Animal Crossing: New Horizons and it is simply ready there in sleep mode to be lower back to at a second's observe. Well, I'd advise, nowadays in particular to make sure you absolutely shut down your recreation a good way to get this beast of an replace set up - otherwise, no swimming for you. 

The second you boot up the sport with the patch adequately applied, you'll observe that Nintendo has sent you a present to mark the occasion. It's your first actual snorkel! But, this is more of a adorable addition on your cloth wardrobe than anything, as it's a wetsuit that you will want for diving. 

You can reap an Animal Crossing: New Horizons wetsuit from a number of locations, but the easiest - and fastest - manner of having one is through the cupboard in your Nook's Cranny shop. The Nook nephews may have one version available per day to buy, so LOLGA make sure to find one which fits your look excellent.