Williams became famous in one fell swoop, playing Arya Stark in the famous TV series Game of Thrones. Recently, IGN uploaded a youtube video starring Maisie Williams. In the video, the TV screen star showed her sustainable animal crossing: New Horizons Island. This is a surprise for fans.

Williams has grown to become H&M's global sustainability ambassador. Considering the cooperation with H&M, Maisie named her island roundabout. This lady is near the ACBellsBuy store and owns a unique machine called a looping machine. For this reason, most players like ACNH Buy Items. Unfortunately, this machine cannot run in the game.

In the video, you will find the headquarters of H&M, which is the condition for Maisie to carry out innovative and sustainable fashion prototype innovation. Connected to the headquarters is usually a penthouse, where Maisie spent a long vacation and rested in the office. The penthouse is also equipped with some posters and laptops she likes for her use.

Next, Williams took a look at her orchard. It is full of shrubs and bushes, and next to it are apple trees and pear trees. Because many surrounding areas need to be rebuilt, players are like to ACNH Buy Bells to help build new homes. This lady also created wind farms and solar panels. There is also an area to gaze at the stars. It is decorated with various purple flowers and star fragments.

Maisie is used for sustainable energy and materials. Her island can clearly illustrate her goal as an H&M brand ambassador. More videos about celebrities showing animals crossing the island. The event can even include interviews with major game developers, awards ceremonies, and more.